Saturday, May 26, 2007

Big on Knitting, Little on Snot

There seems to be a huge bit o' knitting going on here lately. Not much in the way of flipping out, or yelling, or rum binges. All of which may actually be good for my health.

You see, with the kids sick, it's left me a lot of quiet time at home. A normal person might take advantage of this time and say, clean the kitchen, or do a complete home anti dust bunny charm. Oh, no, not here. Knitting it shall be.

Oh, did I say with the kids, plural, sick. Why yes, yes I did. Pig 2 has Strep Throat, and now Pig 3 is showing the same symptoms. You know, whiny, uncontrollable tears, bit of a fever, and then passing out where ever he falls. Sounds like another case of Strep to me. I can hardly contain my excitement! Pig 3 at the local ER, getting a throat swab. I might as well get my list of places we can never visit again and add it before we go.

Speaking of places we can never go to again:

Animal Kingdom-Walt Disney World
Due to projectile vomit, on bus, in Park, on British Tourists, sorry.

Stitching Memories-Portage, MI
They are rude, and awful and I am boycotting them. Which stinks because they are getting a bus together for a Stitch and Pitch road trip. But would I want to be on a bus full of those ladies? Uh, not enough rum in the world.

Yarn Store-Petoskey, MI
They would not allow Pig 1 the use of their bathroom. I let him pee on their floor.

Actually, that's a pretty short list. There are several places we visit where we go in, pay cash, and get out due to previous incidences that led to one or more family members shouting "vive la revolution" or "FORT TICONDEROGA," or "this place is just over run with zombies." The zombie one has been known to set off a serious amount of panic and mass exits.


Mrs. H said...

He actually peed on the floor? Awesome! LOL

Holly Bee said...

Yes, he peed on the floor. I feel it was an even trade.

They were nasty to a small child, small child couldn't hold it.

bombshellstudios said...

awww. I'm so glad he peed on their floor! lol