Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back to just knit with snot

Turns out the whole barfing kid incident may have been my fault. I fed both Harry and Owen some questionable cream cheese on Thursday, and well, yeah, great parent.

Anyway, they both feel better now, and things are back to normal. Which around here means Owen has a snotty nose.

As for knitting, the Tuscany shawl has been started. I have discovered what it takes to get lace knitting done with three kids...bribery. I got a couple inches done, and all it cost me was my sanity and 3 popsicles. Not bad.

No bike riding today. I feel that torturing myself should only be an every other day sort of thing.

Also, the D'zined yarn T is complete, and now I just have to decide what charity to send it to. La-la-la-laaaa, that's the sound of good kharma floating down to me for giving away the sweater rather than being greedy, selfish and bitter.


Melissa said...

Are you SURE you have to give it away!? Man, your a fast knitter!

Holly Bee said...

It was really an easy in the round pattern and I had all weekend to work on it because the kids were sick.

I haven't mentioned this, but I made it my formerly thin size, and I am now my currently current size, so it's a bit snug.