Monday, May 21, 2007

28 Hours later, or The Ogre and Jose

The Ogre has a new friend, named Jose, Jose Cuervo.

When we went to Sam's Club, we happened upon a giant jug o' "ready to serve top shelf margarita made with Cuervo Gold Tequila and Grand Marnier Liqueur."

As mentioned before, Ogres don't go for beer. If it's going to be a drink, it's got to have some serious alcohol in it, or at least come with an umbrella.
28 hours later, the bottle's empty, and the Ogre has a smile on his normally grumpy face. I haven't seen him this happy since he brandished his own pitch fork back at the villagers.


Anonymous said...

It must run in the ogre family tree....I love margarita too - I think a giant jug of the stuff sounds heavenly....

Holly Bee said...

Crap! I was supposed to go to Sam's and pick up some more! Instead I spent a lovely day with my Dad.

I bet we will accidently end up having dinner somewhere nears Sam's and running in....should we pick some up for you :)