Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You call that a Beverage Store?

The sacred juice of the sugar cane, rum, is not sold in grocery stores in NY. Apparently it's offensive, but beer is cool. Hate to tell ya NY, same end result, frequent trips to the bathroom.

We are on vacation, and vacation equals relaxing, and after 14 hours in a car with 3 little kids, rum helps with the relaxing. After going to the grocery store and glancing harshly at the brew, we drove over to The Beverage Store. Although I was under the impression that rum is in fact a beverage, The Beverage Store sold only soda, beer and mixers. Uh.

I stomp out in frustration with the Ogre in tow. I cross the parking lot, away from our vehicle, mumbling about yeast in beer causing stupid migraines, spy a "liquor" store and feel sweet relief wash over me. I holler at the Ogre to get the car, because I'm going in. As I walk into the dimly lit cave of a store I let out a very sincere "thank god," and proceed in the general spirits direction.

I have felt much relaxation ever since. I think Dr Maturin would approve.

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