Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Plastic Shopping Bags

When you keep getting the same message, by about the third time, it's time to act. I waited until four, but really, three should have been enough.

1. NPR coverage of random country with random guy outlawing plastic shopping bags. See this was the first, and the details are a bit shadey.

2. As you may recall, upon entering the country, we noticed how bloody awful a place it is. You go from clean lovely Canada, to nasty plastic bags in the trees Detroit. Yes, we normally take the bridge in Port Huron, but it was windy and there was a freak blizzard, so we took the tunnel. We were almost part of a Greek Town Easter Celebration too, but that's not the point, the point is Michigan is filthy, Detroit is full of plastic bags in the trees.

3. Marty sent me a link to an enjoyable blog ohmystinkinheck. Actually, she is about as grumpy as me, love it. Anyway she was talking about how ikea is going bagless. Now I love ikea as much as the next brain eating zombie (please read The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore for more info on ikea and zombies) , but I was very proud of them for doing something for the environment and going bagless.

4. Carina said that she had ordered bags from and was really excited about them. She also had been flabbergasted by the nastiness of Detroit and it's high number of plastic bag refugees.

Yes, yes, I have been known to carry along my own bag, and also say I don't need a bag, and so on and so forth. I also do take all, and I do mean all, my plastic bags to the local Walmart to be recycled.

So, to practice the whole byob (bring your own bag) movement I was going to participate in I went grocery shopping at Meijer. I only had one canvass bag to use, but Meijer has been typically known as grumpy when it comes to bagging groceries and I figured I better break them in slow.

I took my time to pick my unlucky victim. Heehee. Actually the guy was really cool about it, and kind of gave me one quizzical stare and then stared ringing me up.

So, being good is easy. Thanks universe for sending me the same message repeatedly. Thanks to NPR and random info, Marty and Mel for the ikea blog, Detroit for being ugly, and Carina for being good peer pressure. Activism is fun, now where are my leather shoes...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out about bags. They are a plague.
Why do I need a bag for a gallon of milk with a handle, or something small enough to go in my pocket?

We have 6-7 canvas bags we bought from Meijer's with their name on it and they still act all weird when we want to use 'em (they ARE kinda hard to set up in their bagger-go-round).

The cashier had to ASK what
the code was for "bag credit". Hell, I don't need a bag credit, just don't whine when I use 'em! :)


OMSH said...

Grumpy? Me? Nevah! hahaha
Okay, sometimes ... but only for good reason.

I'm cracking up at your blog name ... it totally keeps you from making fun of mine!

Holly Bee said...

Actually, I don't think of it as "grumpy" as much as other people do. It think we are actually "right" and other people just misunderstand! heeheehee!

I love your blog name too! You're right, with mine, I could never pick on yours! I may adopt yours...