Saturday, April 28, 2007

We've got this TBall thing mostly figured out

Pig 3 watching the brothers

Look! The Ogre is soo tall he didn't fit in the photo
The mighty Pigs! Little Leaguers beware!

Last year the whole opening day parade was a frightening experience.

A quote from a coach "it was a nightmare, it took an hour and a half to find anybody, there were girls crying, there were parents crying, did I already say it was a nightmare? We've got this T ball thing mostly figured out this year."

Real quote. She asked to remain nameless in case this year ended badly.

It didn't, it was awesome. We watched out kids go by, got pelted by candy, ran to our car, looped around the high school, avoided the parade route, made it to the Tball fields, parked car, gathered kids. AWESOME.

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