Friday, April 13, 2007

Today is the First Day of...

Today is the first day of my new life. I am going to eat healthy, be nice, be prepared, recycle more, do something for the environment, have a clean, tidy organized home, read to the pigs and exercise for 30 minutes.

Friends, don't be fooled, I have not joined a cult, and I am not planning on running away. I actually say that to myself every morning. Sometimes I do add, cut back on the rum. It's hard to try and be a good person.

Since my "be nice" is so vague, I crossed it off one day this week because I helped an old guy read his grocery list. Bow down to the mighty good deed I have done. He needed angel hair pasta. I think he had a date.

So, again, this morning, is the first day of my new life. Sadly, I do have to start new every day, it never seems to stick.


Carina said...

I need to do this, too. Mind if I join ya?

Holly Bee said...

No, please do.

It may be a stolen inspirational thing from a 12 step program mixed with a bit of Bridgit Jones, but hey, no ones perfect.