Thursday, April 26, 2007

TBall and Knitting

I see a great opportunity in my future, T Ball and knitting.
I worry that Pig 1 will be a hair twirling outfielder. I also have some reservations about Pig 2, it's frowned upon to tackle during baseball.
Either way, it gives me what, 5 hours to sit and knit. I mean, sit on the edge of my seat watching a thrilling game of Tball, twice a week. Brilliant!
Oh, that's my square from "we're so square" knit night at Handweavers. I think it's turning out really pretty. I like the action on the right. It lookes like cables in the photo, but it's really slip one, knit three and psso, and then some yarn overs and stuff on the following row. I like it.
There, knitting, tball, wait, no rum or zombies. Uh, I should cut back on the rum or I may start seeing zombies. Actually, speaking of zombies, we decided that the only way our trip to Disney could have been more messed up, what with the Rotavirus and all, was if the Magic Kingdom had been over run by zombies. There, my work here is done.


Carina said...

You changed your template! It's really nice, and they're your colors. :-)

I missed the spring soccer signup. I'm a loser-mom.

Holly Bee said...

I decided to try and tidy up the edges with the new blog format.

I don't know how I feel about it yet. It's very springy though.