Thursday, April 19, 2007

Surprise Baby Jacket...DONE!!!

Ok, here is the back of the Surprise Baby Jacket. Oh, that Elizabeth Zimmermann, she was clever, clever, clever.
Here is the front. The buttons probably look better in real life. Oh, you know me too well, they look equally as crappy in real life, I should have never put buttons on. The Amish are right, buttons are evil.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's beautiful, Holly. Now all you need is a Hippy Baby to put it on!

Holly Bee said...

Is it too peace, love and happiness for the normal conformist parents? Crap.

Actually it's for a nurse and forest rangers child. I think it will go over just hippie enough.

Anonymous said...

For as much as I know our cousin - I think they'll love it :)
It's really pretty!!!

dee's brother said...

It's Shagadelic baby...YEAH!

Carina said...

That is really nice, and the buttons are fine--they probably won't get much use anyway. ;-)

Wanna play hooky today? I'm avoiding my paper and book deadline (Tuesday). I have most of the book stuff ready (but not a couple of the more important parts) and nothing written on the paper yet. Sooooooo . . . wanna go to the beach or something?

Holly Bee said...

The beach? Are you high? Really, the beach?

I can't thanks though :)