Monday, April 30, 2007

Such a knit fiend

Ok, my postal delivery person hates me. I put mail in my box just to put the flag up so I can tell when she has delivered.

Yes, I could buy one of those gadgets that basically do the same thing, but without putting in mail, but that seems so pathetic. It's announcing that I am tragically waiting for my mail.

Why am I in such a state over my mail today? You see I have had problems in the past with my Interweave Knits not being delivered before the new stand release date. I have actually been the proud recipient of a harshly worded letter from former editor Pam Allen. Uh, let's just leave it at me complaining about Barnes and Noble putting out magazines early, and me having to buy the dumb thing twice, and subscriber privilege and such. She did not agree.

I see now that Interweave Knits has the project preview pages up, and I am getting a bit antsy, thus the mail box stalking.

But they are my favorite, and I hate waiting, and I really like that Josephine top, and those Veronik Avery socks. Fun!

I didn't see anything by Teva Durham. I hear she went all "my true love is crochet, blah,blah, I'm not just cashing in on a trend." I can probably expect a harshly worded letter form her now.


Carina said...

Veronik did socks? I have to check that out!

Oh, and I will take tons of pics tomorrow. :-) Thanks for listening and helping me with the whole yarn shop thing. Honestly, I'm so tired today that it just doesn't sound like a good idea. Maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow.

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