Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saratoga Fun

You may have noticed that I was able to stop into a yarn shop and then not complain about it, and the phrase "yarn heaven" was no where in sight. Well, here's what happened.

We drove in our car for 14 hours, bought a bottle of rum, drank half of it, and then tortured the pigs by making them go into a yarn shop. It wasn't really all in that order. The driving part was first though.

Saratoga Needle Arts is on the main street through Saratoga Springs, NY. Are they awesome? Do they have beautiful yarn? Do they have a horse? YES, YES, YES!!! Oh, also super friendly, and kid tolerant. If you stop in and tell them they are awesome, that you are from Michigan, and you always make sure to stop in when you are in the area, they will think there's a run on crazy. Oh, the horse's name is Purl.

I also managed to be a flipped out crazy person in Saratoga Coffee Traders. They are a coffee shop that also has retro candy. No, it's not old, it's new, but they stuff you used to love and can't find anymore. I was literally a kid in a candy shop. Add the coffee part and well, I dropped $10 in there in about 2 minutes. What candy did I get? Zotz! Try Swami Jonny's Mumbai Chai, it ain't from a box, it's home brew.

After getting all jolted up at S. Coffee Traders, we visited G. Willikers. Toys, fun, blah. I was in a chai induced blur and I only partially remember that part. The kids (including the Ogre) loved it.

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Carina said...

Zots! I loved those things!! Cool!