Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ogre fixes internet!

Well, well, turns out that Ogres are smarter than generally thought!! My wireless internet was all messed up, and after 2 days (2 days!!) of having to use a land based system, I was at the end of my ball of yarn.

I was so frustrated, I begged the Ogre to live chat with some random computer person to fix it. Normally I don't feel that Ogres should be allowed near electrical devices, but this was an unusual case. Unusual because I cried. But he found the problem, we typed in numbers, and I am back.

But now it's fixed and I feel like I need to blog, blog, blog about everything thing. Oh, how I have missed you dear sweet laptop!

I know, pathetic. You wanted a heroic type Ogre as Atlas holding up the wires that make internet wireless story. Ah, maybe next time.

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