Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Jo Sharp

Well, I got the new Jo Sharp pattern book and I am a bit dissapointed. The patterns are cute enough, but they are all done in the flat. I used to especially like Jo Sharp because her patterns were cute, but also cleverly constructed. Now, they're just like everone else's...lame.

I also got Jackie 2 skeins of the Plymouth stuff that's dyed like the Noro. It's about half the price, and at least in the skein looks the same. She's been making a Math Geek (from the knitting page a day calendar) scarf in a blue, and it doesn't show off the multidirectional triangles as well as the fake Noro will.

On the family front, Pig 1 has been lucky enough to grow a Franken-tooth. He's got the family curse of his first adult tooth popping up behind his baby teeth


Anonymous said...

Wowsers!! That's exciting about the tooth!! I remember going through that, but I think that I had braces on top of it all.
Anyway, miss you all!
love kat

Holly Bee said...

Just the tooth getting pulled part, or braces on the top and two rows of teeth on the bottom? It's like a tooth mullet!

Carina said...

Anna has the same thing. We're going to have to get it pulled since it just won't fall out, even though it's loose. *sigh*