Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kindergarten Up Date

Last night was the parents' meeting before Kindergarten Round Up testing. Yes, it's really that complicated.

Here you go:

Slide show of happy kids

You get nabbed by ladies at a table to schedule a time to have your child hazed, I mean tested by the school

Teachers introduce themselves

The glory of Begindergarten is preached to you. "It's the gift of a year, for students who need it."

You are then begged to not be picky and to please volunteer to have your child in afternoon Kindergarten.

A final note on how special of a mile stone this meeting is, a slide show, a Whitney Houston song.

Afterwards, there are two groups of people, the crying and the leaving.

I was in the leaving group this year. This is kid number 2 for me. I know my school is awesome, I know the teachers. I even knew enough to get there early so there would be seats left.

As for being begged to take afternoon Kindergarten, I am a rock, I will not cave. I actually have a plan for getting morning K, I am going to use Owen as a bargaining chip. Yep, I am going to plead for Pig 2 to be AM and lock in Pig 3 for PM Kindergarten 2 years in advance.
Hell, I may offer to run Kindergarten Round Up.

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Holly Bee said...

I now have the Whitney Houstan song from K Round Up stuck in my head. It's killing me. She was so sweet and nice, and now she's a used up crack, reality tv, blah, blah, blah. It's so sad.

That's all crap. It's not sad, I just want the stupid song out of my noggin!