Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knitting Stall, Zombie Mice, all normal here

No, I am not going to be knitting some sort of barn yard horse item, I am talking about s-l-o-w down. Yes, a knitting stall. It so stinks too.

I am not a whiner when it comes to summer knitting. WHAA-heeh-heeh! It's so hot out and I am knitting a wool sweater. Whatever whiner, I am in Michigan, it could snow any minute now. Really, summer here is 3 months if we are lucky. I may just start an afghan out of spite. Knit at the beach, ha.

I am stalled because I am so insanely physically tired from actually being outside that by 8:00 I am just about asleep in my knitting chair. It's all crazy random stitches, and half knit rows.

As for the pigs, they too are tired. Which should make it prime knitting time, but instead of just falling asleep where they drop, they seem to be exceptionally mouthy..."get my night-night water, I am SOOOOOOO TIRRRREEED!" You think reading that's annoying :)

Ah, the Ogre, who as you know, hates gravity, has been waging war on mice. No, he has not been tormenting the pet mice with lysol like I was (he took the pet mice back to their nature habitat, the pet store.)

Our shed has been known as mouse heaven, mouse haven, and the evil zombie mouse shed. In my mind the shed houses one giant Volkswagen sized mouse who is the zombie king of a million evil dead mouse minions. Which is actually cool because Zombies are the Ogre's natural enemy so it helps with the destruction of the mouse family currently making my lawn mower's home it's own personal dumping ground.

When I say my lawn mower's home, I am not talking about Joe, he lives down the road. I am talking about my actual lawn mowing device.

Which in my mind a lawn mowing device is:
1. Only to be used in an emergency
2. Lawn Decoration
3. Mouse trap

Hey, lawn service frees up my time for knitting, I mean hanging out with the pigs.

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Carina said...

I'm so freakin' tired too! If only I could finish my paper now that the kids are asleep, but I think it'll be all I can do to get upstairs to bed. *sigh*