Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knit Patterns, HERE! Soon...

Yes, I will admit, my pattern for a door draft dodger may be a wee bit on the snarky side, but it's totally a pattern...

Knitted Door Draft
Knit a really long sweater sleeve in the round, your choice of yarn and color-see Elizabeth Zimmermann for inspiration, she's a God. Stuff with, rice, polyfil, cherry pits, anything you've got lying around. Sew up ends. Put by door. Save money, the environment and maybe the world.

So in the near future, you will be the proud owner of snarky, useful (ok if you live in a cold area), and some what snotty knits.

Oh, yes, my friends. I have plans. Whu-huu-huu-huu. Where the hell are my minions? Minions, I may need some test knitters. No comments, or criticisms, just test knitting.

Think of it as a great way to use up your stash yarn.


Bec said...

I am game for test knitting.

Hey. I sent my sister-in-law to Jungle Joes with her little chickens. They had a blast and think that my son would enjoy it too.

I am thinking of heading to Kzoo tomorrow to check out Handweaves and try to avoid Great Harvest.

Holly Bee said...

I love Jungle Joes!!! They should really give me a discount! But it really is fun.

Kzoo is fun! Handweavers is awesome. :) Ok, most yarn stores are, and Handweavers has the added bonus of being staffed/owned by generally nice people.

They have a knit square night tomorrow that I hope I get to go to. It's one of those meet once a month for a year at the end of the year have a blanket things. Starting 4 months late is probably a bad idea on my part, or a small blanket.

Whole grains are good for you! You should just avoid Krispy Kreme, they are pure evil. Evil tastes soooo good!