Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knit Night-We're So Square

I went to Handweavers for their We're So Square knit night. 12 different patterns to be made independently through out the year and then sewn together! Yes, that's a lot of commitment for me!

Also loaded with things that freak me out, namely a group, people I don't know, swearing in public over dropped stitches, you get the gist.

But I went and I loved it! I sat with one lady I met last time, and then 3 new people. I was all quiet at first because I hadn't eaten dinner, and then I stuff myself with Taco Bell (that new 7 layer crunch thing is good, not good for you, but tastey). It took about an hour for the food to get to my brain, so I was in fact a weird quiet zombie. I made up for that by talking nonstop for the last half hour.

I was amazed at how many people were there! Probably 20, or more. They really did need a bigger shop.

I would also like to add, their stock is on the up swing. As noted before, they carry my beloved Hemp for Knitting. But they have gotten more of the little make it in three days kits. Comes in a little hemp bag, with yarn, pattern and needles. So cute! It's on the left hand wall when you first walk in.

They also have a yarn kit in a cake box-Pound Cake from Knit One, Crochet too! It's a pound of yarn, and multiple patterns to choose from (with enough yarn to make one pattern). They have one it greens, and it rocks!

Can you tell where I was sitting? Yep, at a table by all that stuff!

Also, I drove the Ogre's Durango to get there. I can't park/drive/back out that thing. It's too big. I was also embarrassed by it's poor gas mileage and was hiding behind the steering wheel, so that probably wasn't helping.

I was also stressed out by the fact that I kept driving near hybrid cars and people were flipping me off. It's hard to explain to people, while hiding/driving that you have 3 little pigs in carseats/boosters and an Ogre to fit into one car. Or that the Ogre just got over the common Ogre misconception that giant beasts won't fit into thrifty earth saving cars.

I had a lovely time and it was nice to be away from the fam for a bit.

As a last knitting note, the Summer Interweave Knits comes out May 15th!!!


Carina said...

And they have Boku, that Plymouth Noro-look-alike yarn that is sooo pretty. I got 8 skeins yesterday. *blush*

Holly Bee said...

I bought some of that Boku for Jackie when we were in Saratoga. It's lovely! What shades (blue?) did you get, and what is your intent? Sweater?

Did you have fun when you were there?