Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is that soda or beer?

Every morning, along with my "today is the first day," I have a Diet Coke, unless I am in Canada, then I have a Diete Coke, which always makes me giggle. When taking that first delightful swig, I always think "was that soda or beer?"

Weird? Well, remember that story where the Grandpa and Grandson were drinking sodas, but it turned out the bottling company had canned beer instead of soda? I am waiting for that day. Along with an extra chicken nugget in a 6 piece.

One may ask "why not a coffee maker or something to make a mocha at home with?" I am horrified of espresso machines! There's steam, and pressure, and it just seems like a horrible way to blow up my family. As for a plain coffee maker, I do actually own one. A little plain one. A little plain one that is probably so petite that it doesn't properly brew coffee as much as it makes warm brown water.

Fear, and luke warm water make me drink diete soda and dream of beer.


alex said...
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Holly Bee said...

Ok, random jackass trying to sell prescription drugs on the internet was tacklesnooping my blog!!!

So, I deleted them, and their evil blog swipping info.