Friday, April 20, 2007

Ogres and Zombies

If one is to see an Ogre in a foul mood today, that would be my Ogre.

Normally Ogres are an easy going bunch with only one natural enemy, The Zombie. Historically Zombies and Ogres fought because, well, Ogres have brains, and Zombies like to eat brains. The Ogre and Zombies also fought over the same food source, making both grumpy, and hungry.

Today, Zombies are seen even more infrequently than Ogres, and Yeti. Which are in general rather hard to spot. But since the demise of the Zombies, the internal need to fight has left the Ogre with a new enemy...gravity.

Yes, there is nothing the Ogre hates more than gravity. Gravity drops, steals, and generally dismays the beast. To the Ogre, gravity is more hated than say, the neighbors' dog (delicious if caught), bear hunting, and diet soda.

If you spot an angry Ogre, don't taunt or bait him. Ok, ask him if he's paid his gravity bill this month.

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