Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I will never eat turnips again

That's really supposed to be a take off of Gone with the Wind, not actually a dislike of turnips. What I'm saying is, I will never knit a Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan again.

It's not bad knitting, and the pattern is actually pretty cool. It's just 3 kids, and a long lace weight project really don't mix. I finished the Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket (ok, it needs buttons, but that doesn't count, I am finished knitting,) and the only other knitting I have is the Sweet Mary Jane.

Turns out, forced knitting is really what I needed to motivate me. I have one sleeve finished, and the second started, as Zimmermann is my witness, I will never eat turnips, eh, knit lace weight cardigans again. Scarf, hat, maybe socks, but really, a lace cardigan, what was I thinking. It better fit.


Melissa said...

Yes, turnips are disgusting.
But lace weight cardigans? I don't know, got any pics? :D
I've caught up on all your postings!! I moved into a new house so I've been absent for a bit. Glad you and your piggies are doing well. Rum sounds good.

Holly Bee said...

Hi Melissa! Good to hear from you! Sounds like you have been very busy.

I will have photos posted of the cardigan Monday. Hopefully it will even have 2 sleeves then!

Good luck in your new home.