Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love you Knitting Pure and Simple!!!

Remember my green cardigan that I put the zipper into, instead of the buttons?

Well, I sent a link to Knitting Pure and Simple saying I loved the pattern and here's my completed cardi. So, the other day I got an email from them asking if my cardigan could be included in the photo gallery, and they said to pick out a free pattern as a thank you.

Isn't that awesome! Almost famous, and a free knitting pattern!!

I told Carter I would knit a sweater for him and he could pick the pattern. He decided on the V Neck pullover and requested that I knit the old Elvis TCB (takin care of business) with lightening bolt logo on the front. Nice, huh? Oh my gosh, I will be knitting an Elvis inspired sweater!!

I got the pattern in the mail today! Now if I could just finish the Sweet Mary Jane. . .

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Carina said...

How to do the intarsia with a sweater in the round? There are ways to do it, but it might be better to not join the front and back at the underarm so you can knit the intarsia easier.

I'm so happy they did right by you! They should've sent you a free pattern--that sweater is gorgeous. You also do a lot of free advertising for them on your almost-famous blog, so there ya go. KPS is just being smart. :-)