Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hemp for knitting

Ms Bina may have sent someone this way in search of hemp yarn love info, so I thought I would comply.

I love hemp yarn! 100% hemp is rough, as in scratchy, to work with. There have been questions about prewashing before knitting to help with this. I say NO! Mostly because I am too darn lazy. I have to suffer for my art. heehee.

Pattern: Stripes Go Round (sans stripes) Interweave Knits Summer 2004

Designer: Lana Hames of Hemp for Knitting

Yarn: Hemp for Knitting allhemp3 (natural)

Note the big cone in the photo. I'm cheap, and it was cheaper by the cone and I plan to make the Lacy little top, and it takes the same yarn. In theory I will dye the finished lacy little top, we'll see.)

Yes, all muscle tone that my arms had last year is gone, it has been replaced by girl scout cookies and apathy.


NutellaNutterson said...

Hi there, I love your site, and your love of hemp yarn- I was wondering if you've knit with the Hemp12 (worsted), or with the hempton chunky/bulky? They look wonderful, but I haven't had my hands on them, and I'd love to hear about them before I invest.

Also, what are your experiences blocking hemp and hemp blends?

Holly Bee said...

I haven't used the Hemp12, or hempton.

I am currently using a hemp/wool blend from D'zined and I have to say it's really nice. The wool makes it REALLY nice to work with. It takes out enough of the stiffness.

As far as blocking, it rocks! You wash it in the washer, block it to shape, and then it looks AWESOME.

I am hoping the amount of wool in the blends won't mess with the greatness of the hemp.

I really think hemp for knitting's "getting to know hemp" kits are a great way to taste test hemp.

Sadly, no I am not getting any kick backs for talking up Hemp for Knitting, I just really like them.

Alisha said...

washcloths; I also invested in some chunky hempton {the bulky stuff the previous poster asked about} and it is awesome. I just space-dyed some tonight. Last I knew, they were not making the chunky hempton anymore; I e-mailed lanaknits and they sold me some of the last of their stock they had kicking around. If you find some, let me know!

Holly Bee said...

Washcloths!!! Why am I always in need of washcloths and they are the last thing I think of to make!!

I will let you know if I run across any hempton though! Good call!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, does hemp shrink when you wash it? I'm new with this material and I can't wait to use it! I'm just scared that once I'm done the nicely sized item will change and it will no longer fit me :(

Holly Bee said...

Mine never shrank and I am not the most careful when it comes to laundry.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Great thanks! I am so excited :)