Monday, April 16, 2007

Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop = Good Times

So I went to the Open Knit at Handweavers. You remember, the one where they were collecting items for the YWCA assualt shelter?

I was a little afraid to go. With my very low tolerance for other people, the potential for me to have a miserable time was very high. I also had all the bad memories from another recent fundraiser with me. I got stuck at a bad table, I'll just leave it at, it was frightening.

Anyway!!! Handweavers was as always, AWESOME!!!

I ran into a lady I used to knit with every Thursday night. I would have continued knitting with her, but they closed John Rollins Book Store, and never reopened. Ah, great sadness. It was so awesome to see her again. I ended up sitting at the table she was at and we got to catch up again.

Then, a person that Marty had met at Handweavers on Friday, who used to work with Alice was there. She came right up to me and said "Holly are you related to Marty." If it weren't for the heads up from Marty, I would have been a bit freaked out.

I would have been all, "oh, I am a celebrity blogger! She knows me from Knit with Snot!" Which was a little true, because Dad gave her the blog address, but then I was embarrassed. It's like if I wrote a book, all 100 copies would be bought and distributed by my own family.

On to the important stuff. I don't know the exact details, but there were piles, I mean PILES of blankets, and baby bunny blanket buddys, and loads of personal products for the YWCA Assault Shelter. The people there were also working on additional bunny buddy blankets, and these cute little lovey sized blankets that fold into their own pocket. Very cute.

There were 3 bunnies being made just at my super fun table (not superfund site, which always sounds better than it really is.)

Was I making anything for charity? Maybe. I know, I am so selfish. I was working on the Sweet Mary Jane Bed Jacket, which a portion of the pattern price went to breast cancer research. But I did bring in a bag full of personal care products. And not just the canned cranberries of personal care products, good stuff, like Body Shop products, so there. I am also going to drop off a scarf that was originally made for the Grange Bazaar, and here's some big news...

I have found a home for a giant bag of yarn. Yep, right before I met up with long lost knit buddy Joan, and new knit buddy Val, I ran into two teachers, from the Creek no less, who help out with an elementary aged knit group!

See, I have been wanting to donate the yarn I have in the basement from my less picky yarn days. Some of it's actually pretty nice, but, well, I have nicer stuff now, and I wanted to give it to a school group. As fate would have it, my yarn is going to the Creek. I also threw in some fancy stuff I got at the TKGA Convention last year. They will go crazy over it. It's eyelash, and carry along stuff. Very awesome for them.

If anyone else has some extra yarn, there is also a girl, Esther, who is going to a "fishing village, just an hour and a half from the border" to teach the people there how to knit. I don't know if she realizes the border between Mexico and the USA is large, but she's young, and she's doing a good deed so I shouldn't be evil, but you know it's hard for me, and I am working on it. The not being evil, I have evil down to a science. I wonder if I can patent that?

Also!! I got the book knitting for peace which is awesome, and inspiring and made me cry, and made me want to knit the world into a better place.

Then, selfish me, since I preregistered for the event, I got a Vera Bradley coin purse. I randomly got the same pattern my backpack, and little purse are in!! I actually said "this is the best day ever, I love you guys!!" All done and said without any rum. Crazy!

So, they gathered items, I met friends, and I was invited to knit with several different groups and I was made to feel very much at home and happy.

What? What did you say? Did I buy anything? Uh, well, I, uh was trapped in a yarn shop for like 5 hours, yeah. Ok, I didn't know this but Handweavers carries my all time favorite, imported from Canada, super awesome, easy, cute, and in the round with minimal finishing, good for the environment...Hemp for Knitting!!! I bought three patterns, and drooled on the yarn. Yes, on the yarn, not at the yarn. I also talked up the greatness of the hemp and how awesome my stripes go round, non striped sweater is.

Anyway, if you want to drop some cash on knitting supplies, I highly recommend Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop. They're good people. With that last statement, I am now officially old.

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