Monday, April 23, 2007

Enough with the Snot, Knitting NOW!

So after deciding it would probably suck to be the crazy lady in the local lock up, I decided to just shut the garage door and pretend we weren't home. While not home, here's what I worked on:

1. Dinner
2. Clean counter

Really? Clean? Cook?

Earlier in the day I started a Shell Border T from Hemp For Knitting. Why do I always talk about Hemp for Knitting? Because I love them, and I am trying to get everyone else to love them so that they will stay in business and always be there for me. See the greed? See why half the stuff I make ends up going to charity? Because I am in general selfish.

But here's the kicker, I am using a hemp wool blend from Dzined. Argh, I feel like such a criminal. No, not about the hemp. Hemp will one day save the world! I could drop a whole bunch (heehee) of hemp knowledge on you, but whatever, just know it's awesome to knit with. Go to wiki for info.

Ooooh, what's up with the Sweet Mary Jane? (wow, this blog does appear to love hemp)
The knitting is done!!!!!! Done, done, done!! Ok, now for the whole blocking and making it fit, blah, blah, blah, part. If that thing I am supposed to do today (clean house) gets done quickly (crappily) I will be officially done today!

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Carina said...

Isn't D'Zined awesome? I love that yarn. :)