Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dentist of Doom, ok blizzard

Yeah, we will be changing dentists after this one.

We drive across town in a blizzard. I get that the blizzard isn't exactly the dentist's fault, but really. Upon entry, we are not acknowledged, which is fine with me, everyone knew we were there, we're loud, and I purposely let the pigs be as loud as they wanted. It's a scare tactic. The fools are just lucky Auntie K was watching Pig 2.

So, the not being acknowledged wasn't the real problem. But in the waiting room, as a bizarre method of torture was a non stop video of talking animals. Weird Davey and Goliath style of speech talking animals trying to brain wash my kids into flossing. MY KIDS WILL NOT FLOSS. Ok, they should floss, but I think it should be a personal choice, not part of a brainwashing technique.

What kind of creepy talking animals you ask? Monkeys. I didn't like the monkey on I love Lucy, and I blame Lucy for Marcel on Friends. I can barely tolerate Curious George, and here we have monkeys flossing.

So, cross town, blizzard and non friendly staff is bad enough, but monkeys (butt monkeys) flossing is it. Close ups of primate dental care pushed me over the edge.

After 15 minutes of monkey torture (I was briefly paralyzed by disgust) I told the unfortunate looking hygienist (irony is funny) we had a 9:00 appt, and wondered if we were going to be seen.

I was informed that "the weather is really bad." I said "yeah, and we are inside a dentist office."

She replied with "well, everyone is running behind because of the snow, I just had to reschedule our 9:30 appt."

I told her that we managed to get here on time and were wondering if the dentist would be seeing us in the near future. I was getting ready to go with the whole, You would charge me $25 for a missed appointment, if you make me reschedule, I am going to have to charge you $25 for wasting my time, when the Dentist himself called Shark Boy back.

After cranking on Shark Boy's teeth, we were told the baby teeth may fall out on there own and if they hadn't fallen out by the next cleaning, they would be taken care of.

My brain filled in "his next cleaning at our new dentist, and I may knock some of your staff's teeth out on my way out the door."

Which, because I am nice now, I did not do. Instead we gracefully left, and went in search of mochas, lattes and baked goods. It's always good to caffeinate kids before dropping them off at school when recess will probably be cancelled. heeheehee


Carina said...

Anna has the same tooth thing. Freaky. I can't seem to get her to really wiggle that thing out, though. It's taking forever.

Our dentist is awesome. He's super-nice, his staff is like family, and they're all really good. Oh, and his prices aren't bad. I know, it's far away, but even my mom's hubby went to him in a pinch and decided he's going back for his root canal.

stacey said...

Dr. Deppen. He's a god, and so is his staff.

Holly Bee said...

I will be doing dentist interviews next week. That's not a joke. So thank you all for any input!