Monday, April 30, 2007

But I need something

I have to go to a yarn shop today. It's not because I want to, I neeeed to. I finished the Sweet Mary Jane, and I just need to wash and block it before I post some lovely pictures of the completed project.

I need to get some wool wash. I am a really bad about the whole "it has to be hand washed with love and care." If it can't make it through the washer, then it generally doesn't need to be in the family.

But with this project, I am going to start doing it right, and then never wash it again!

Why does this matter? I need to get into a yarn shop with a small child, not break anything, not get into any fights, actually find the item I came in for, not get side tracked, not lose kid, purchase item, and leave. That's not easy.

Oh, add that I will be carrying a soy, no whip, mocha. Which I find horribly embarrassing to order. It's like a weird self inflicted obstacle course.

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NutellaNutterson said...

(Hi, it's me, I asked about the hemp yarn below.)

Don't feel bad about the order. I used to work at Starbucks. If you ordered a soy drink with dairy-based whip, now *that* would be embarassing.

Or, can I share? The man who ordered the no-foam cap, and then after his first sip questioned the lack of vanilla in his drink. Yes, sir, that would be a *vanilla latte* you wanted? Ah, customer service...