Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ah, home James

Ok, so we have no James, and if we had a 4th boy, I would be voting to name him Boy 412. But I may be officially brainwashed by audiobooks now. All praise audiobooks.

All I know is this...Michigan does not have mountains. What a traveler may be led to believe is that Michigan has an over abundance of garbage and lost plastic shopping bags. Yes, it was like a very filthy, not pretty plastic bag floating in the wind sort of scene from the movie American Beauty upon entering Michigan via the tunnel.

Anyway, the pigs are washed, a mountain of clothes is piled in the kitchen, something may be on fire, the cat is meooooowing, and the Ogre went to rescue his dog. It's all almost back to normal.

OOOOH! Today is not just Easter for those of you that celebrate, it's pig #2's 5th bday! Everyone he saw today from Niagara Falls to home was told "today-is-my-birthday-I-AM-FIVE-NOW! yesterday-i-was-four-butnowiamfiiiiveee!!!!

Now, I must go drink rum. I will be doing this without the associated guilt of pouring rum into a glass of diet coke that somehow developed over the course of the last week, I am at home and will be as pirate-y as I wanna. And, beer is the main item that causes me migraines, and wine, mostly the red, but some of the sneaky white, oh, and I need alcohol because I have high cholesterol, which must be genetic, so it's for my heart. Plus it's blue hawaii night at our house...isn't it blue hawaii night at yours? Ok, not as much fun at your house.

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Carina said...

Yay! You're home! Check your e-mail for a really funny video. :-)