Monday, April 30, 2007

Once more, with Curacao...

According to wiki curacao "is a liqueur flavoured with the dried peels of Larahas, a type of bitter orange grown on the island of Curaçao. A non-native plant, Larahas developed from Valencia oranges transplanted by Spanish explorers. While Valencias are sweet, the nutrient-poor soil and arid climate of Curaçao changed the fruit's taste, creating the Laraha."

The blue variety, known as Blue Curacao is the wonderful ingrediant in the beloved Blue Hawaii. It gives that freaky, zombie green/blue hue that Ogres love.

After a long day of lawn work, an Ogre only truly wants 2 things:

1. The neighbors dog to be roasted on a stick.

2. To relax inside with a Blue Hawaii.

What, no beer for Ogres!!??!! No, although there is alcohol in beer it is usually not served with an umbrella, and to an Ogre this is unacceptable.

This all comes down to Curacao is difficult to find. It's not because it's not tastey, it's difficult for people to pronounce. You say tomato, I say I need it for rum drinks.

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