Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What happened to my snot?

You may think you have been hallucinating posts, because you swore you read something and now it's not there. Well, it's true, you are hallucinating. Actually the Snot got censored! I have to say, Ogre censorship is the worst kind of censorship. It hurt me to my soul. As you know, Ogres don't have souls, so my own Ogre didn't realize how upset this made me.

The Ogre is worried that my snarky remarks about local establishments will cause an uproar and an angry mob of knit shop owners will find out where we live and poke at us with knitting supplies. My luck they would use those nasty Susan Bates needles left over from the 80's, there will be rust and I will get tetanus. That would just make me crazy mad. I am not even doing a link to wiki for tetanus because it's too grody. I think I need to call my Dr and get a booster shot.

Anyway, I will repost the bike sale info, because that's important. As for the Whistle Stop Coffee Shop, I will get that info back up too, Mocha tames the savage bee-st. That's me, get it Holly Bee, Beast, Bee-st. Ok, lame, but my confidence has been shattered. Ok, that will never happen, I think I'm awesome. If I were a statue in a normally bird free court yard, it would be like a flock of seagulls went over. All that bad hair.


dee's brother said...

The ugly hand of censorship rises up to smack another victim! :)

Holly Bee said...


I think I am going to go picket, in my own yard

Forget that! RIOT NOW!

dee's brother said...

I don't know if your like me...but I love the smell of NAPALM in the morning!