Monday, March 05, 2007

Weird events, but it all leads to Yarn Heaven

Threadbear Fiber Arts, a.k.a. Yarn Heaven, is a mystical place holding much beauty. I mean every word of that last sentence.

I was supposed to drive PK up there, it's in Lansing, to meet her cousin Vicki. Oh, twist my arm, make me spend time waiting for a cousin in one of my all time favorite places? They were also having a big spring cleaning, yarn 30-70% off, and a 25% off coupon to use on 1 non sale item.

I also invited Carina to go. I thought a trip to yarn heaven would help her forget about all the annoying GI scoping.

In my mind, we were all wearing gauzy, white dresses, (and were incredibly fit) the tempature was 70, the sunlight was that of an early, dewy June morning. Somehow, we were also in a white, horse drawn carriage, and magically it only took a half hour to get to Lansing, by carriage.

Here's what really happened...

Carina's scope was not on Friday, like I thought, it's really today. So, she had to start drinking all the yucky stuff Sunday night at 5 to prepare for the procedure. Knowing that when PK and Vicki are together all belief in time and space is suspended, I told Carina I didn't know if we would be able to make it back by 5, since we were meeting at 1230, shopping and then going to eat. We finally came up with the brilliant idea that Carina would drive her own car, and follow PK and I. That way, she wouldn't have to worry about time, and could drive home instead of sitting in a restuarant when she couldn't eat anything. Brilliant! Trip on!

Well, the plan was in place, we picked up Carina and hit the road. Sadly, I haven't seen much of PK lately. This lead to erratic driving. Turns out police officers do not like erratic driving. They also don't like speeding. So what did we do? We sped by a hiding cop, noted speed, and began to drive casual, and let off on the gas. As Carina passed, said cop made chase. PK was getting the registration out, and I was getting my "I haven't seen my Mom in awhile, and we are going to Yarn Heaven, and my friend only has one kidney" sob story ready. He pulled Carina over, and we flew off the road. No! He kind of looked at us when he drove by, and probably decided he scared us enough to slow down and didn't want to deal with a bunch of crying women, and didn't stop us.

Now, upon entering Threadbear, the rest is kind of a blur. But I do know that Vicki was late, and stressed out and then left. Her job related stress, that made her late, was resolved by her leaving early, so that all worked out.

Mom said that Carina and I were a bit loud. I think that's fair. I do recall yelling "Carina! CARINA! Where's that _____ yarn?" The blank is not a curse word, it's the name of whatever yarn I needed at that moment.

I ended up with a full basket, Carina had a full basket, and PK who has put aside knitting for cross stitch had a 1/2 full basket.

By the end of all that Carina was white, and all tired out, and PK was weirdly re-energized. So, PK and I decided that Carina looked too complete crap to be allowed to drive. Because a trip to Yarn Heaven should not result in a trip to real heaven. So, I drove Carina, and PK drove the jeep.

We dropped a happy, tired, but still alive Carina off at her house, and continued on to lunch.

After lunch, I saw a boy who looked amazing like my brother walk in. Turns out it was my cousin Matt! Who is also a knitter. Who was with his knitting, friend, Kristin. So it did turn out to be a magical day!


Carina said...

You told it so much better than I can. :-)

We were soooo not loud. Okay, I yelled across the shop once to show you something, but that was it, wasn't it? We weren't loud.

Holly Bee said...

We weren't loud. Other people just weren't as excited as we were! They should have been. Hello! Yarn Sale at Yarn Heaven :)