Monday, March 12, 2007

time change and head injury.

You already know about the time change, unless you are in Arizona, or Hawaii then you really don't care.

But my head injury was sustained by bending over to point out how some home basement remodeling should be done (yeah, I was being bossy.) I smacked the side of my noggin on a piece of furniture, and may never be the same.

Today it feels like I have a hang over and my one eye is puffed up so everything looks a little fuzzy. The hang over feeling could be from the rum drinks used to deaden the pain last night, but I doubt it.

Also a big shout out to PK who said I am too hard on people and think I am better than everyone. It's true. I am and I do. So there.

Now if I die from my head injury, she's gonna feel like crap for being mean to me. Wait, was I too hard on her?


Anonymous said...

holy crap! I hope it feels better soon!

Carina said...

Please don't drive today, if you can get away with that. You need rest. If you feel sicker, getting it all checked out would be good.

Holly Bee said...

Me no driving. No school for boy. We watch many kid show...Yikes!!! The kid shows do rot your brain!

I have to say, the extra $10 on cable for the DVR thing is pretty awesome. I recorded a bunch of Go Diego Go, and some kid movies. Good times.

Melissa said...

Hope your head gets better soon!
My son is obsessed with Diego!

Holly Bee said...

We are big fans of Diego too! Cy (4) throws spanish into his flow of daily kid jibber jabber and made up songs. It's kind of cool.

Melissa said...

Wow! That is cool!