Monday, March 19, 2007

Socks done, Baby Surprise Jacket started

I am really rocking out the knitting this spring. As long as I don't remind myself that I wasn't going to start any new projects until the Sweet Mary Jane cardigan was done. Yep, one sleeve, one body done, and a whole lot left to go.

But people keep having babies, and I have to make them stuff. And, and, the pigs have old hats and they needed new ones. Except that only one of the kids have ended up with a hat, and Owen got socks, and now I am making a Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket. So it's really just avoidance of finishing a lace project that makes me get all the other stuff done. I don't even want to hear any reminders of my crochet Capt Jack.

As for the Baby Surprise Jacket (known from now on as BSJ) I can read, I know knitting terms, I have been inspired by completed projects posted at Zimmermania, the math works on paper, and some how I still seem to be getting wonky numbers. Maybe I should try starting again, sometime earlier than 10 pm, before the rum starts kicking in.

Why rum? I read the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian. You know you saw the movie Master and Commander, it had Russel Crowe in it. Anyway, it's about these guys in the Royal Navy (mostly in the Navy) during the Napoleonic Wars. If you get over the part that it's not about multi-flavored icecream, you may notice that it says Navy, which here means ships, not the color.

This is getting to rum, I swear. I, of the extreme motion sickness, and of lazy disposition, and low tolerance for historically recreated music, could not enjoy the books in the way other readers before me had. What?

Ok, I can't, really can't go on boats without barfing. I am not partial to boats, and don't want to wait for my sea legs or for the barfing to stop. I contemplated jumping into the Atlantic to get off a whale watching tour because of the extreme barfing. Other readers learned sailors' knots, and listened to sea shanties.

I love reading about my characters getting a good meal. Yep, the worst vegetarian in the world loves reading about other people eating. Grog is practically the 3rd main character in these books, and I began to think of grog as my own special friend. So when I lift that drink, and say Huzzah, I am thinking of you my dear sweet Maturin! Ok, you too Aubrey, but you are a bit of a cad.


Carina said...

What's going on with the numbers? I wonder what's going on with that.

Holly Bee said...

Rum, rum was going on with the knitting!