Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Podcast Spanish

Cyrus speaks some serious Dora the Explorer inspired Spanish. I say inspired because the pronunciation is a bit weird because of the whole cartoon girl teacher and then how it gets kind of kid English pronounced.

So we have some kid Spanish CDs in the car, same sort of problem. But the kid CDs also add the insanity of Sesame Street characters singing, which makes me insane.

Now, to add to Cy's weird cartoon Spanish accent, I found a free learn Spanish podcast from itunes. Good right? No, it's two British English speakers teaching us mainland Spain Spainish. Could I have found Cy a stranger mix of Spanish teachers?


Carina said...

At least he's learning Spanish. His accent will even out, I'm sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

our kids are in love with deago also and jacob does some spanish words also. at least when they do sign language they dont have an accent. love cousin toadie

Holly Bee said...

Diego is awesome! I went on a preschool field trip today and a bunch of the kids knew about South American animals and were saying Hola to each other. Cool stuff.

The teacher asked "what kind of animal might live in the tree."

Random kid "a tree sloth might use a tree for shelter" ok, that was Cy. But another kid said a maned wolf-also from Diego