Thursday, March 01, 2007

No Mice to complain about

Well, now that I have no mice to complain about, things are kind of slow around here. I also haven't managed to freak out or yell at anyone. Maybe there is something to that knitting is zen thing?

Could be. Our well tank thing broke, and that cost me $160. I'm not angry. Let me tell you, it's really strange.

My Mom was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and put the whole office in a tizzy because they didn't know what antibiotic would hurt her liver the least. Am I flipping out? Well, I was, but I figure what the hell can I do, so why worry about it.

The one thing I am angry about, no make that two things, is that I put my two weeks notice in at Eddie Bauer and they put me on the schedule. I could have just quit. I could have just stopped showing up. I could have just started asking people "do you really need another white tshirt? I'm sure you have some at home." No, I wasn't bad. I have been awesome. Maybe that's why they won't let me leave.

The other thing is this, knitting is sloooooow. Ok, lace knitting is slow when a person has a hard time keeping track of where they are at. Yes, I use a knit row counter thing. I still get confused. I think it's the rum drinks that may be slowing down my knit speed. Naw, never blame the rum. It'll turn on you.

Speaking of rum. That stupid Dread Pirate Sam is exactly that, Dread. Ok, dreaded. It's so close to done, and so boring to work on. Maybe not boring, but doesn't hold my interest. It's like with cooking, unless it's a casserole or done in a crock pot, I don't want to do it. That's why I will only knit in the round. It just seems stupid to knit a back, front (or even two), then arms, then do all that seaming. BOOOOOOR-ING. At least a seemingly (ha!) waste of time.

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Carina said...

I know, bring the pirate to the Stitch-athon! That'll make the crochet go faster!