Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The mean is starting to sneak out

Ok, I have been working on being nice for almost 4 months now. The migraines have been less, the swearing down, and we are going through casks of rum at a much slower rate. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the whole less migraines thing was helping with the being nice. Huh.

Anyway, I am afraid I am about to get my mean groove on. I am going to start right now by saying "the neighbors dog made me do it." Not it crazy killer way, just lost my mind, last straw, camel's back way.

The neighbor across the street lets his dog run free to crap willy nilly through out the neighborhood. We'll call the dog Daisy. We were informed when we moved in that there were coyotes in the area that ate garbage. We were also told that before our house was built, Daisy thought of our yard as her personal bathroom. She still does. Putting 2 and 2 together, we think we know where the coyotes live.

Yesterday, there was Daisy, a bag of garbage in her mouth, crapping in my yard. I have talked to the neighbors about their dog, I made the wife cry. I think it's time to talk with the husband while I still have sanity and niceness in my life.

You may wonder why I don't call whoever you call when there are loose dogs. Well, I would except I am sure that would start a whole calling city officials and complaining about crap (oh, and nondog crap) issues that should be resolved by NOT LETTING YOUR DOG CRAP IN MY YARD.

Also, I am worried that we will get a call for not having the tidiest, crab grass free yard in the neighborhood. Down with lawns, up with gardens. We grew eggplant and peppers in the front yard last year, and I am planning on adding tomatoes this year.

You know, I am already picking up Daisy's crap, I should just keep her. Bubba would like a friend.


dee's brother said...

I may have some helpful suggestions:

1) Try your "thought" about talking to the husband. Especally since you could get very cranky with him...knowing that Ogre is a big dude!

2) Collect Daisy's crap from your yard for a month. Then some late night....dump it all on the neighor's porch...or inside their vehicle...which ever is more convienient.

3) Accidentally leave a bowl of dog food out in your yard with a nice "additive" mixed in.

dee's brother said...

The above comments were for entertainment purposes only! :)

Brooke said...


I was searching google for Jungle Jim's information and arrived at your blog. Thanks so much for the Jungle Jim's information. You are so darn funny. Thanks for the laughs! Love how you call your husband an Ogre. Funny stuff.

Thanks again -

Anonymous said...

i had a dog and i just want to tell u its not fun picking up dog crap its worse then steping in it but if its her dog she should pick it up if she wont try volentering at a animel shelter walking there dogs and let them crap in her yard and dont clean it up