Friday, March 09, 2007

Mazda5, still loving it!

Ok, so the Mazda 5 ended up being the car we went with after our 2000 Dodge Caravan died, multiple times, this summer. Why am I talking up the Mazda5 now? It's sort of an update, and Carina is looking into getting a new car, and it reminded me of how much I love my little Mazda. You have to check out the Mazda5/Mazda Premacy info on wiki, I feel like I have a sweet import, rather than a sweet Ford/Mazda regular person car.

As you may recall, I am married to an Ogre, and have 3 kids. When I say my husband is an Ogre, I mean it. He's 6'6", 6'8" when he's rockin' his fro. These were the requirements that lead us to the Mazda 5:

The whole family had to fit

Vehicle could not be a mini van (ok, technically it has mini van sliding doors, but it doesn't look lame)

fuel efficient (I wanted the Prius, but it didn't work with a couple of our requirements)

Under $20,000

Easy, right? Oh, did I mention that my three little pigs are all in car seats or boosters? That eliminates a number of fine sedan choices.

So, the Mazda 5 seats 6. All the seats fold down, and there are crazy storage bins in the middle seats, plus a fold out table for the middle passengers. We used that in the summer when the 3rd row kid could just climb in the trunk of the car. It's too snowy and messy for that now.

Oh, SNOW! We live in Michigan. It's been a crazy, crappy, snowy, winter freaking wonderland. I was really nervous about how the new car would handle in the snow. It handles like any other little car without 4 wheel drive does in the snow. Don't drive like an ass, and you'll be fine. Plus, it's got like a million airbags in it.

UPDATED: I got new all season tires at 35,000 miles. Much better in the snow than the originals. It's still not a 4 wheel drive, and I've had some skids, but I've never fallen off the road.

Plus, gas mileage, wow, I have like the perfect Mazda 5 driving conditions. It's rated to get 21 city and 26 highway with the automatic. I get between 26 and 31. Yep. If you drive roughly 45-55 miles per hour, turn the car off when going through drive thru's-bank and food, and rarely touch the brakes (yellow light means be cautious) you really can get 31 mph or more. I think that's pretty awesome.

Also, the price was right. Under $20,000. Did I mention mine is red? Also, it's super cute, and looks like it jumped right off the Disney Monorail system. Makes me feel very public transit. I wish I had public transit!

Besides my Mazda5, check out the next car I want. Ok, so it's really a bike. But you are going to want one of these puppies too in a few years. Vive la Revolution!

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Carina said...

We decided to get the Freestyle. Now if I can just get the one I want and a salesman who doesn't give me the "little woman" treatment. Grrr.