Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jungle Joe's was AWESOME

Besides being awesome, Jungle Joe's wore my kids out. If you live in Michigan an indoor bouncey place is a brilliant place to visit. Yes, the weather was perfect yesterday, and we spent the morning indoors, but really, worn out kids by 1 in the afternoon? Priceless.

If you, yes, you, decide to go, don't be an idiot and drive through the mud/drive/front yard of the place. Use the driveway for the Courthouse. It's the volleyball/workout place right next door. Just enter through their drive, and then cut through to Jungle Joe's. Trust me on this one, if you get stuck in the mud, a lot of people will see your mistake.

So, well worth the cash. If you have younger kids, please bring an adult to watch each kid. The place is huge, and some of the stuff is just not meant for the little guys. Although they have plenty of things to keep even toddler sized kids busy. We forced ourselves to stay the whole 1 and 1/2 hours, it's hard work running around and having fun.

Don't miss the Shark Slide. It's well worth the climb.


Anonymous said...

Holly's Dad was winded after 10 minutes of bouncing. After an hour the kids were still goin' strong. Holly was running up the shark ladder, leaping into the air, sliding down the shark's gullet and out its' toothy grin. If Owen could get a foothold he'd try any climb. Cyrus delighted in running, bouncing and playing with his little girlfriend.
A good time...
Holly's Dad

Holly Bee said...

Hey Holly's Dad,
A very accurate summary of the fun had at Jungle Joe's. On a side note, I must add that a head injury is a bad thing to go to Jungle Joe's with. My face aches today. My jaw is swollen, and it makes it difficult to talk, which I know is a plus for those around me!