Friday, March 16, 2007

Jungle Joe's Info

Ok, to try to be actually helpful, here's the Jungle Joe's contact info:

Jungle Joe's
7255 South Sprinkle Road
Portage, MI 49002

Mon-Thur 9-8
Fri- 9-9 (4-9 Friday will be half private party hald open bounce)
Sat 9-2 open bounce 2-9 private parties
Sun 12-6

1.5 hours $8
2.5 hours $10
Adults w/ kid(s) $2 each
Adults w/o kids-full price

They also have a frequent bouncer card and parties.

Also, tell them when you go that they need a website, or just say Holly is awesome and when I go in next I will make a fool of myself and ask how many people said that Holly is awesome.

Updated to include-They do have a website now! Jungle Joe's
But you can still say Holly sent you!


Anonymous said...

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Carina said...

Thanks for the info. I was thinking of calling and seeing if I could get Anna's party there this summer. I'm not sure how many of her friends' parents would want to make the drive, but I'm sure some would.

Holly Bee said...

I have party info too!

OOooooh, Handweavers is doing a fundraiser knit-in thing for/with the YWCA on April 14th. I preregistered and I am totally excited...

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Anonymous said...

Your info on Jungle Joe's was totally helpful, I was trying to find a website and was disappointed when I couldn't find one. Thanks for the info!
Jean W.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for the thanks! I am glad I could help.

It really is fun there, and worth the drive if you aren't in the Kzoo area.

Airzoo is also awesome!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the promotion on your blog. We have a website it is
Hope to see you Saturday March 31st at the grand opening party