Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It looks like it's going to be nicer weather toward the end of this week! Take that snow! Or give me ski lessons and a balaclava Carina.

But as for now, we may take advantage of cold weather and have some indoor fun. Yep, the mystical story of a place where you can jump on indoor bouncey stuff has made it to the preschoolers. Cy is all abuzz with, "do-you-know-about-BOUNCELAND?they-have-bouncey-stuff-and-we-can-go-and-it-will-be-awesome." Really, Cy? Bounceland has bouncey stuff?

I figure the little guys can go, get some spring fever out and I can sit and knit. It will be awesome.

Another way this could play out...Owen is frightened by the sound of the bouncey things, and cries and sits on my lap, the whole time. I can still knit around him, he's little yet.

But I am actually pretty excited. Harry had a lot of fun when he went for a Birthday party. I should be fine. Did I just type famous last words? I hope not, I have been so nice lately.


Anonymous said...

when are you going?!?! I wanna go to bounceland it will be awesome!

Holly Bee said...

We went this am! Sorry! It was AWESOME!

Do you want to go next week? It's 930-11. Go to for more info. No, they are not paying me for spreading the word, although they should!