Thursday, March 22, 2007

I made a girl cry

I know, a lot of you are hoping I flipped out at someone in line while getting a mocha, but it didn't happen like that.

Cy and I went on his school field trip to the Nature Center yesterday. I was a chaperone, which in it's self is pretty funny. Why? I am a fool when it comes to field trips. They ask a question, I answer, they give info, I oooh and aaaah. I'm not a heckler, I'm a field trip ringer.

Anyhow, Cy's buddy was a three year old girl. I'm pretty familiar with the age, but not the girl part. I did not realize said girl needed constant handholding (literal) and well, this is what happened.

As we were walking down the muddy path looking for tapped maple trees (so many jokes, I know, please don't) the girl was yelling, yelling, about the fact she was getting dirty. I talked her through it "it's cool, mud is fun, it's good to get dirty."

Then, while holding my hand she lost her footing and started to fall. I helped her to her feet. She started crying. I gave her the "brush it off, you want to be a soccer player when you grow up, they fall down a lot" speech. This made her cry more. I felt awful. I didn't realize she didn't want to be a soccer player, at all, ever.

So, I said "look, a butterfly." Distracted, she felt better. I then spent the rest of the time holding her hand, pointing out stuff at her level, making sure Cy helped her in lines, waved so she would see where I was, and encouraged her on her first muddy nature journey.

Could I raise girls? Well, probably, but they would be just as dirty and messy as my current pigs. I may complain about it (mud) but I know it's fun. As for the girl, I hope we made a positive influence on her future outdoor adventures. Hell, hanging out with Cy, she may end up being a soccer player after all. You should have seen her hold her ground in the maple syrup line. I was so proud.


Carina said...

That soccer line would've worked on Anna. She may be girly, but she loves to play in the mud as long as it's warm. :-) I probably would've said it, too.

Anonymous said...

You are a strong woman raising good people. She won't forget the crazy lady that encouraged her! :)