Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jungle Joe's is Still Awesome

Hi to all you Jungle Joe's Fans.

Oh, I know I am one of them. I got an official comment from Jungle Joe's!
They said
Thanks for the promotion on your blog.We have a website it is to see you Saturday March 31st at the grand opening party!

Ok, it really said exactly that, except for the !, that I added.So, my job is done. Actually if you do a search on google I still come up first, so here's their info again...

Jungle Joe's
7255 South Sprinkle Road
Portage, MI 49002
Mon-Thur 9-8Fri- 9-9 (4-9 Friday will be half private party hald open bounce)
Sat 9-2 open bounce 2-9 private parties
Sun 12-6
1.5 hours $8
2.5 hours $10
Adults w/ kid(s) $2 eachAdults w/o kids-full price
They also have a frequent bouncer card and parties.

Again, I was internet famous once...well, twice now actually if you count the youtube style interview with Cory Doctorow where he said blog writters are famous for 5 people and featured my blog as one that's famous for 5 people.


Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for the great info

Anonymous said...

Hey! You no longer come up first on a google search, but thanks for the info!

You rock. You should totally get something free from them.