Thursday, March 15, 2007

More with the Knitting

Here is Owen's sock. He wants two. So far that seems reasonable. The Mission Falls 1824 Wool is working up at about 5 st/in on size 7 needles. Between the gauge and the small size of the sock, it's making up for all of the evil I encountered with the cursed sock yarn. Yes, evil sock yarn. I finally gave that sock yarn away. I did tell the new owner the history of the yarn. She didn't seem to mind.
I somehow ended up in a yarn store yesterday. Actually, I planned it. I took PK to a Dr's appt in Marshall yesterday. After the appt she needed to go to the bathroom. I suggested that we go to In Sheep's Clothing because they would surely have a cleaner bathroom than Oye Amigos. Which, sorry Oye, besides having food in honor of the old Emilio's, your bathrooms also spark a memory.

So, I ended up with Elizabeth Zimmermann's The Opinionated Knitter. I want to make the Surprise Baby Jacket for the Ogre's cousin's baby. She, nor the baby are Ogres. It will also be a surprise if I actually get the baby sweater done.

I also got 2 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy. Can I pass by hemp? That sounds so wrong, but no, I can not pass by a renewable resource that takes no pesticides to grow.
Here's Harrison. He doesn't get many photos taken because of the whole school thing. I thought the jean jacket was very handsome, but Harry wouldn't wear it because it smelled like lady bugs. I was like, ok, we'll wash it. But really, ladybugs? It smelled like ladybugs?

Check out the sport car. Oh, wait, that's my Mazda5.

In Sheep's Clothing
100 Exchange St
Marshall, MI 49068

They are actually located in the Shops at the Marshall House. There is also a quilt shop, antiques and scrapbooking supplies. If you are coming from the fountain (trust me, you'll know what I am talking about), go through town, at the last light in town turn right, it's the big building on your right. It's kind of a wonky angled stop light, but there is a Shell station on your left, and possibly a sign pointing to the right saying Fairgrounds. If you get lost, ask for help, don't blame me, hello, head injury, and total lack of sense of direction.


Anonymous said...

awww.that kid is cute.

Bec said...

Hey, I know that shop!

Jessica said...

Hey, I have a Harrison, too! He's 9-1/2... (got 3 others and yeah... little boys are pigs! :) But they love us!

We had 3 in car seats once...had an Eagle Summit Wagon, I guess that's similar to a minivan and a gas hog..then #4 showed up: can't fit 4 kids in the back, so we ended up with an even WORSE gas hog, Ford Windstar... bleah... I'd love to be able to drive something with some degree of fuel efficiency, but on the other hand, I don't think I'm in a hurry for my kids to grow up...the twins just turned 12 a month ago, nuff said? LOL

Holly Bee said...

Hurray for Harrisons!!

Yep, the boys are pigs and I think it really makes things more fun. I know we have more fun than most people seem too!!