Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Handweavers are the soo nice

When I say Handweavers are so nice, I am talking about Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop.

They are hosting an Open Knit to help gather necessities for the YWCA Assulat Shelter

Open Knit: April 14 10am to 4 pm
Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop
Oakwood Plaza

Pre-registration: Guests registered by April 9 receive a Vera Bradley coin purse upon arrival at Open Knit, plus food and drink. Guests may also pre-order Knitting for Peace at $12 (retail $20)

Desired Donations
Knitted items for women and children, especially mittens on a string and small blankets
Personal care items.

Items will be accepted at Handweavers until April 21

Isn't that awesome! It's several of my favorite things all rolled into one. Helping other people, knitting, Vera Bradley bags. Food, knitting, helping. It's really cool.

The new location is a lot bigger than the old one and the people are still really nice. Not just because of the Open Knit either.

Since no one took me up on my Stitch-a-thon challenge, I will have to think of a new one for this.


Carina said...

Yeah, I know, I know. We were all sick, though.

I should be better by then . . . I love doing kid mittens and have some yarns around, I'm sure, that would work for that.

Holly Bee said...


Even if you just had some personal care products to donate, and did an IOY (i owe the ywca) for the mittens.

Anonymous said...

Awww I have seen the cutie face of my neighbor's daughter who might get those mittens! Everyone go and knit for the YWCA!
love Kat
ps in my dream last night, I was learning how to knit and playing Keno lol