Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fish Bone and the T Rex

Here's Cy's new hat made from the Mission Falls book Just Kidding
See, he poses just like I do. Trust me, no prompting needed.
Harrison in T Rex mode.
Outfit after my own heart. Look at that fashion sense. The kid's a bloody genius.

Now I have 2 out of 3 or 4 hats done. Why 3 or 4? If I manage to get sick of making hats, Harrison does have his original stars and stripes hat that started this whole mess. Also, Owen decided that he needs new socks and a hat. I am going to make him some crazy stripe socks with the yarn left over from Cy's hat. The knitting continues...so does the snot.

My noggin is doing much better today. I had a big ice pack all afternoon on it. What am I going to do to help my head injury today? Why go to Jungle Joe's of course! It's the new indoor bounce place on Sprinkle road. We're taking Marty, and meeting up with Cy's girlfriend Brooke. It won't just be Brooke, her Mama is going too! So, we will see how this goes. It should be awesome.

Hey Kat, wanna go next week to Jungle Joe's?


Anonymous said...

I'm so there! When?

Anonymous said...

i have the most adorable cousins. i guess everyone in the family is cute and crazy. love to all. toadie

Holly Bee said...

I think crazy is right. I will take cute too since I am the Mom!

Glad to hear from you Toadie!! Marty says you have a slew of cuties too.