Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All that snot, and still time to knit

This is part of the hallucination postification that got deleted. Offensive, isn't it?
See the blob o'knitting on the left? Now, just flip, fold, swear, drink rum, and presto, I mean Surprise Baby! You get a Surprise Baby Jacket! Ahhh, it was knit with snot just for you.
Speaking of knit with snot, the title of the blog, the title of my life really, is inspired by those cute little tags that say stuff like "knit with love especially for you." PK had a bunch of those in her knitting basket. I would day dream about a hand knit pair of white leg warmers with hearts in the color of the rainbow down the side with a "knit with love especially for you" tag sewn in.
Never happened. But the dream apparently bruised my brain and now all I want is to have specially printed knit with snot tags made up.
I know I can order some, but with my busy schedule, it's hard to find time. That's sarcasm. Hard to hear in print.


stacey said...

Tell the Ogre to go golfing or something. I LOVE the snark. Keep it coming. It makes me laugh every morning to know I'm not the only mean person around. I'm considering my own snarky blog, but fear the wrath of the lawyers in Armani suits, who work for the local establishment that I hate :/

Holly Bee said...

Yippee!! Thanks for the support!

Ah, lawyers, the could be trouble. I'm just up against angry yarn shop owners! Although I suppose they could get lawyers, nah.

I have heard that Ogres love golf.