Thursday, March 08, 2007

All I wanted was a stupid Mocha

This morning after swimming class, Cy's not mine, I decided that a Mocha was exactly the thing I needed to keep from flipping out. Yes, my being nice comes at a price, and it's pretty much a small (I don't care what your coffee joint calls it, I want a small) skim milk (nonfat) mocha, no whip cream.

My other request be that it NOT be from McDonald's. I would rather gnaw my own arm off than drink anything made in a McDonald's "espresso machine." Just because your sign says "real lattes and cappuccinos" doesn't make it true.

The first place I tried to stop at, closed. Not like too late in the day for a coffee shop to be opened, but real estate sign up, completely empty store, closed. I figured, eh, funny location, not a big deal, I'll go through that drive through coffee place when I drop off a crock pot full o' dinner to Sarah. Yes, you too can get a Knit with Snot for You home delivered meal if you:

A. Have a baby-you may also get a hand knit item.
B. Have surgery
C. Spend time in the hospital
D. Say my cooking is good-sucker for compliments here (I mean you Jackie!)

Alas, the coffee shop by her house is closed, for good. Ok, closed for good is not really what I mean. It's closed for bad. Bad because I needed my mocha fix, and I have 3 kids, and it's Michigan, and it's still cold here, and darn it, I was trying to support my local business owners instead of bowing down to the evil that is corporate America! Darn you Starbucks and your literary namesake, give me Mocha or feel my wrath Kalamazoo County!!! Was that a tirade?

Where did I finally get a Mocha? Wait for it...Krispy Kreme. How wrong is that? Healthy food choices? No. Locally owned? Well, I guess someone does own the franchise, but no. Drive thru? Yes! Sleeping kid? Very close, and remember NEVER wake a sleeping baby. Or mess with a toddler who is almost asleep. Is sugar baby a toddler? Or is he a kid? Pre-preschooler!

I ask you, does it make sense to go to a brew pub and not get beer? No, that's stupid. If you say "but I don't drink beer" no excuse! Order a home brewed soda. They should have them, really. Same thing at Krispy Kreme, but with donuts, not beer. I had to order a dozen originals to get my Mocha. Then the drive thru lady was sassin' me for wanting a nonfat Mocha, no whip. She really asked me if I was concerned about the extra calories.

Yes, I am worried about the extra calories. I have three kids, and it's Michigan and it's still cold here. Exercise, ha.

Also, when I order my veggie burger, please ask me if I want bacon on it. It's funny everytime.

As a side thought, does Krispy Kreme only build within sight of Weight Watchers?


Melissa said...

I can't believe she actually asked a rude question like that. That's not allowed! Everyone seems to be forgetting customer service. You should've replied that lookin' at her, you are VERY concerned with the extra calories.
That's mean, isn't it? I take it back. :D

Holly Bee said...

Ah! That made my day, even if you did take it back :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, your cooking is good!

Holly Bee said...

One crock pot meal for you!

Holly Bee said...
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MochaMaster said...

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