Friday, February 23, 2007

You call eye twitching healthy?

This week, because of the mice, I have decided to be a better person. I know, that seems random, but wait for it.

Because the livingroom smells so awful, and I can't kill pets, or mice in general. No, I haven't even had the heart to kill the mice that have taken over the shed.

Same applies to our livingroom, I am no longer using it.

So I am spending more time in other, non-stinky parts of the house. Which involves more time cleaning. See, making me a better person.

But it goes farther. Trying to avoid the livingroom, Owen and I went to the library, and checked out cookbooks, to help with the spending time in the kitchen. Now my whole darn family will be eating healthy home cooked meals. Ok, hopefully I won't ruin the dinners and then we still have to get a pizza and the whole things a waste, but whatever.

Now, I was really getting into this whole I am going to be healthy, and set a good example for my kids, because I obviously can't be a cool Mom who allows rodents in the house. For this seemingly sane reason, I didn't purchase any soda at the grocery store. This was figuring into the whole I'm setting a good example, I'll drink tea, blah, blah, blah.

What happens? I woke up with a migraine, my eye has been twitching all day, and I made an emergency/call threat to the Ogre. Which went a bit like this "if you don't bring home some sort of caffeine, in the form of diet soda, or a mocha with depth, I am going to FREAK OUT."

Which I think he took as me actually freaking out, and he said he would bring me my fix ASAP.

Things I have learned this week:

My kitchen can look nice.
I still can't make good rice.
Lysol does not kill mice.

I love and want to drink caffeine, and the mice gotta go.


Carina said...

It's like my chocolate Silk--I gave up on that addiction awhile ago. I say that if it makes us keep going and actually mostly happy, then it's a good thing. At least you're not on meth or ridalin. :-)

Holly Bee said...

Yeah, I am just sadly replacing my stupid Diet Coke with coffee, or tea, or, or, yuck, Diet Pepsi.

Glad to hear you aren't stuck in some random town in Indiana anymore!!

Because really, being stuck in Indiana is worse than choosing to live in Michigan.