Monday, February 12, 2007

That yarn really is ice cream!

I may not be real observant, but at least I know what I like. As it turns out, what I like is knitting and ice cream.

The yarn that I used for the Beribboned Eyelets Cardigan is actually called ice cream. Here's a write up of this tasty yarn...

Adriafil's "Ice Cream" is a soft, wool-blend yarn accented with fuzzy flags and a thin thread twisted throughout. Suited best for baby clothes and afghans, not for eating.

The pattern (available in the book from xrx) was really well written, and easy to follow. Sadly, I have no faith in patterns and was all stressed out about this sweater.
Turns out, the sweater designer is just a very clever lady! You knit the back, then sleeves, then knit those together and work on the front all in one piece. Simple, right? Why the stress?
Knit one yourself! Then we can talk about why it's weird and super cool and a bit like origami.
Oh, the model bear is Diego, Cyrus' build a bear. No, this isn't the bear from the build-a-bear is evil event. But, this sweater pattern would be a really quick, and super cute for those darn b-a-b's. Just shorten the sleeves by a few rows.
On a side note, my sweater will not be beribboned, and it may also remain without buttons. That's what makes it knit with snot, the creative touches. It's that or the snot.


dee's brother said... is true....that flutter you felt in the force last week...was the twin towers coming down! Let's have a moment of silence...we will miss you Anna Nicole! :)

Holly Bee said...

If you would like to talk about the tragic death of ignorant semi celebrities, please devise your own blog.

Thank you,
The Management

Holly Bee said...

Trust me when I tell you, I am in full-on not caring mode.

I will not have my lovely post about a baby sweater be railroaded.

You have been warned, you know I am evil, step off.

dee's brother said...

Oh man..I got deleted. Fine...I liek ice cream too! :(

Holly Bee said...

Thank you.

Carina said...

I love it! I'm sooooo going to make a couple of those for the kids' bears. How cute!

Where did you get the yarn?

Holly Bee said...

The yarn is from a place so evil, that I cannot name it. (I bought it before the boycott.)

Carina said...

Dang. Maybe Marshall has it? Do you think David would stop there during lunch to pick up yarn for me, now that he's over there? Yeah, I didn't think so, either. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

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