Monday, February 26, 2007

Tales of teeth, knitting, tatting, and lice...

Yes, Knit with Snot for You has it all...

Random strangers...Tatting!

Let me break it down for you. Since there was no school today, I made dental appts for all three of the Pigs. I have been working under the assumption that since Cy looks just like my brother, he must have teeth just like Carter, so I haven't been making him brush his teeth as often as he really should. Harry on the other hand, looks like me, so he has to brush the required 2x daily.

Turns out, that theory actually holds true. Cy was told he is doing a great job brushing his teeth, even though he rarely does, and poor Harrison has to put more effort into his dental care.

As for young Owen, he's the youngest, he's always covered in snot, what do you think happened? He got into the dental chair and threw a full on screaming fit. Cy and I laughed while the dental assistant told us "you know you aren't helping." Which we thought was really funny.

As a reward for doing exactly what was expected at the dentist, we went to McDonald's play land. I took my still in progress knitpicks sweet mary jane cardigan to work on while the kids went insane.

Random lady came up and asked "are you good at what you are doing?" I told her "of course." All while thinking, yeah, it looks good, or I rip it out. She then showed me the tatting that she was working on. I said, "wow, that's really pretty, are you any good at it?" She was confused, and I got to be snotty. Hey, Knit with snot isn't just a phrase, it's a way of life.

You may be wondering, where does the lice part figure in? I mentioned playland.

The kids at the table behind us where all wearing winter caps. It's Michigan, I didn't really think much of it. Turns out, it's because they all just had their heads shaved. Yeah, they had lice. My thinking is, they shaved their heads, neglected to wash the hats and still have lice.

Let's just say, we packed up our stuff and left. So, now I am all hopped up on rot gut coffee, and may have lice infected kids. It's just another fun filled day!

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Holly Bee said...

Actually her tatting was really pretty, but it was really confusing to be asked if I was good at the thing I was doing. Now I have all this knitting self doubt, which I really don't need.

I hope the Mary Jane Cardi turns out well enough for a human to wear. I also hope it's nice enough for this human to wear.