Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snow Madness!

My friend Carina, is all plucky, and isn't snow lovely, have some lovely yarn, it will make you feel better. To this I can only say:

Nothing can make me feel better!!
I almost died! My Mazda 5 luckily swerved out of the pile up and into the skateboard/snowboard/waterski shop "The Edge" on Portage road.

I've been to The Edge and back and all I can say is-Snow, it still sucks.

Here are some more snow related experiences from today by guests and frequent commentors, Carter and Marty...

Cart in response to Michigan weather report:

"F**Ked up weather hits shit mitten...again:

F**king snow showers. Areas of blowing snow all inyour face. Bitterly f**king-soul-crushingly cold. Snow accumulation around an inch from pushing me over the edge and killing the f**king guy who keeps scraping his shovel on the driveway. Lows near zero. Highs near zero. Hope near zero. Despair at record highs. Westwinds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 40 mph. Chanceof testicles shrinking near 100 percent. Wind chillreadings 10 below to 20 below zero. No shit, twenty"

Cart's lovely prose was mildly edited.

In response Marty adds:

I'll just stay in and ride my trike, read and play guitar. Maybe cook up that pork shoulder for later.Think I'll cruise down to the mailbox in my Speedo and see if the mail lady has been by yet. Some ass smashed the box last week and it lists severely to one side so the snow blows in and freezes the mail together in one sodden lump.

See, snow madness...

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